Five Eyes Countries Collaborate on Cloud-Based Spy Data Exchange

Australia is constructing a classified cloud storage system for the exchange of intelligence with the United States and Great Britain. Andrew Shirer, the head of Australia’s National Intelligence, made the announcement at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He stated that the storage system will be integrated with the existing cloud infrastructure of the allied countries.

Shirer highlighted the significance of this integration, stating, “This integration will bring about a radical change in the operations of intelligence services and, in my opinion, will create a collaborative environment for efficient teamwork.”

Shirer firmly believes that all the members of the Five Eyes alliance (USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) should prioritize coordinating general standards.

The head of Australian intelligence also emphasized the importance of collaboration among nations in the field of artificial intelligence, suggesting that it would enhance the effectiveness of special services. Nevertheless, Shirer expressed doubt that government officials would readily embrace these innovations. He pointed out that these experts are accustomed to relying solely on themselves when working with data and might fear that the program could overlook critical information.

As a result, it is crucial to realistically assess the capabilities and limitations of AI, which will require close coordination and the exchange of expertise.

Apart from cooperation within the Five Eyes alliance, Australia is actively forging connections with intelligence agencies in other Asia-Pacific countries. Shirer revealed that Australian intelligence agencies are providing support to Southeast Asian intelligence agents in evaluating climate-change-related risks.

Japan has announced plans to align its government agencies with Western priorities and the broader alliance. This initiative has received positive feedback within the Five Eyes community, as it further enhances intelligence coordination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Given the unstable global political climate, European powers now share many common priorities with Australia.

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