Cockroaches: From Parasites to Saviors

Scientists are developing Tarakans to search and save people after earthquakes. Hirotaka Sato, an engineer from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, is leading this project. He was inspired by the devastating earthquake that struck Tokyo in 2011. Sato is working on creating cyborgs using cockroaches from Madagascar.

These cyborg cockroaches are equipped with electrodes and sensors, allowing them to search for survivors under rubble. They have the ability to carry up to 15 grams of equipment, which includes infrared cameras and processors that can detect living people.

The team led by Sato has developed a remote control system for the cockroaches. This system enables them to direct the insects to move left, right, or forward. Alternatively, the cockroaches can be left to move autonomously towards a designated destination. The team is also working on improving tracking and communication systems to enhance the effectiveness of these cyborgs.

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