Drone-Killer Roadrunner: AI as Air Punisher

In an interview with Bloomberg, Palmer Laki, the founder of Anduril, confirmed that the US Department of Defense is planning to utilize the innovative drone known as Roadrunner by 2024.

Roadrunner, a drone equipped with a jet engine and controlled by artificial intelligence, has the ability to take off and land vertically. This groundbreaking product in the drone industry serves as an air interceptor and can return to base if the mission is canceled or the target is missed.

The “Roadrunner” is described by Anduril as a “multifunction unmanned air agent” capable of intercepting rockets and other drones, as well as carrying out intelligence missions. This 1.8-meter-long drone can explode upon collision, similar to a guided rocket. However, if it fails to hit its target, it can safely return to its original launching point, leading to comparisons with a boomerang. Some media outlets have referred to it as a “drone-killer,” while others have called it a combination of drone, artificial intelligence, bombs, and boomerang.

According to Bloomberg, the Department of Defense’s plans for the following year were not disclosed in detail. However, Palmer Laki remained steadfast in asserting that the Ministry of Defense would soon deploy the “Roadrunner” drone.

Palmer Laki emphasized the significance of developing technologies that can effectively address military challenges in the near future. He stated, “Our mission is to ensure that the technologies we are currently working on will be prepared for potential conflicts in the Pacific region by 2027. We anticipate that by this time, China may take active measures for various reasons, including its relationship with Taiwan, which holds crucial importance for the global economy.”

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