McDonald’s Enhances Burgers with AI Google

Fast food chain McDonald’s has announced a partnership with Google to expand its global loyalty base. In a statement, McDonald’s stated that the collaboration with Alphabet, Google’s parent company, will leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation, identify business process disruptions, and streamline restaurant operations.

The company believes that employing AI will not only enhance the taste of its burgers but also make them healthier. Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed his enthusiasm for McDonald’s adoption of Google tools to improve the dining experience worldwide, highlighting the potential of AI to foster innovation.

These AI initiatives form part of McDonald’s overarching goal to enhance the quality of its offerings. The fast-food giant plans to add around 10,000 new restaurants to its global network over the next three years, aiming to increase the number of participants in its loyalty program by approximately two-thirds, from 150 million.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempchinski believes that these efforts will contribute an additional $45 billion in sales by 2027.

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