New Methods to Delay IT Hiring with Diploma or Qualification Test

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko has announced plans to expand the criteria for IT specialists seeking a delay from military service. The Ministry of Construction of the Mincifre will no longer take into account the presence of higher education as a prerequisite, Chernyshenko stated during a discussion at a State Duma meeting.

In addition, Chernyshenko revealed that the Ministry is collaborating with industry organizations to develop a qualification exam for IT specialists. The proposals will be reviewed by the Presidential Council for Professional Qualifications.

Previously, IT specialists were required to meet several criteria to qualify for a deferment from military service, including holding a higher education degree in the field and working at accredited IT companies for a minimum of 11 months per year.

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently signed a decree increasing the maximum age for obtaining a deferment to 30 years, effective from the spring call next year. These measures are part of an initiative to retain specialists in Russia and prevent the outflow of personnel, aiming to maintain the country’s scientific and technical potential.

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