HRC Chief Urges Open Algorithms, Strengthening Google Control

The head of the Council of Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, Valery Fadeev, has proposed the organization of international control over the activities of Google and other large companies in the information technology sector. Fadeev believes that the algorithms and criteria used by these companies should be open and approved by international institutions that are yet to be created.

Fadeev expressed his proposal during a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the HRC. Despite acknowledging that establishing such an institution would be challenging due to expected resistance from the private sector, Fadeev stressed the importance of treating the internet as a common good and ensuring the information security of users.

To illustrate his idea, Valery Fadeev drew a comparison with civil aviation, highlighting how many private companies comply with international rules for the sake of security. He argued that a similar approach should be adopted in the field of information technology, with the top priority being the information security of users.

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