Alphv/Blackcat Threatens Disclosure of Secrets of Roblox and Twitch Streamers

ALPHV/BlackCat extortion group has announced that they have gained access to data from Roblox and Twitch. Preliminary data suggests that this access was obtained by hacking into Tipalti, a software supplier for accounting.

Alphv published information about the breach on their website. According to the criminals, they managed to infiltrate the Tipalti systems in early September without being detected for an extended period of time. It is alleged that they have obtained over 265 GB of confidential data, including information about the company’s employees and clients. The extortionists have started blackmailing Tipalti customers, apparently in an attempt to expedite negotiations for a ransom.

Alphv/Blackcat’s message on the leaked data website:

Tipalti’s website describes the company as specializing in the development of software for automating settlements with suppliers, procurement, and international business payments. The company’s clientele includes social network X, among others.

X is a social networking platform where users can post public messages and communicate with one another. It boasts a significant global audience and ranks among the top 10 most visited sites.

It should be noted that X is officially prohibited in Russia due to multiple violations of the country’s legislation.

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