Ministry of CIFRA’s Project Reveals GOSTECH Secrets

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation has developed a project proposing the designation of a single digital platform called “GOSTOKH” as the operator of information systems containing certain types of legally protected secrets. The project has been published on the official portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The proposed amendment aims to modify the Decree of the President of Russia issued on March 31. This decree states that the use of “Gostekh” for the creation, development, and operation of state information systems is not allowed in cases where such systems contain information classified as an official secret. These cases include matters related to defense and legal proceedings.

The Ministry offers amendments that would enable the utilization of “Gostekh” and its tools for the development of state information systems that incorporate certain types of secrets protected by law. However, an exception is made for GOSTaina.

According to a decree issued by President Vladimir Putin, all systems or units of federal and 11 regional executive bodies are to be transferred to the Gostekh platform by the end of 2023. Furthermore, in 2024, the plan is to migrate the Unified State Register of Real Estate to “GOSTOH”. In total, 101 services are scheduled to be transferred to this platform by 2025.

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