IceWM Translates Documentation

Dmitry Hanzhin Completes Translation of icewm Window Manager Documentation

Dmitry Hanzhin, a skilled translator, has successfully completed the translation of the documentation for the popular window manager icewm. Furthermore, he has taken the initiative to create the Russian-language website for the project, This significant achievement will greatly benefit Russian-speaking users by providing them with access to vital information on icewm.

Currently, Hanzhin has translated the main guide, as well as the documentation on creating design themes and the man-page. By undertaking these translations, Hanzhin has made icewm even more accessible and user-friendly for Russian-speaking individuals.

These translated documents have already been integrated into the package for Alt Linux, which means users can conveniently access them through this distribution. This integration further enhances the accessibility and usability of icewm for its Russian-speaking audience.

icewm, a popular window manager renowned for its lightweight and efficient performance, offers a plethora of customizable features. The translated documentation will undoubtedly empower Russian-speaking users to make the most of icewm’s capabilities. Additionally, the launch of the website will serve as a valuable resource for users seeking guidance, support, and the latest updates.

About icewm

icewm is a versatile window manager designed for X Window System, commonly used on Unix-like operating systems. It aims to provide a lightweight and fast user interface, while still offering a rich set of features.

The project has gained popularity due to its simplicity, scalable configuration, and extensive theme support. icewm enables users to customize their desktop environment to suit their preferences, making it a preferred choice for many users.


The completion of Dmitry Hanzhin’s translation efforts and the establishment of the Russian-language website mark significant milestones for the icewm window manager. The translations will allow Russian-speaking users to fully utilize icewm’s features, while the website serves as a centralized hub for information and community

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