Russian Internet Segment 100% Equipped with TSPU

The Russian Internet segment is now fully equipped with technical means of counteracting threats (TSPU), which have been established on communication units as part of the implementation of the Law on Sovereign Runet. This announcement was made by the head of Roskomnadzor, Andrei Lipov, during the Specialized Forum “Spectrum”. Lipov stated that these products are effectively performing the task of filtering traffic, including blocking prohibited content.

Lipov also mentioned that the TSPUs have successfully covered various segments of communication, such as mobile and broadband communication units, as well as cross-border communication units. He further emphasized that the current coverage level is at 100%, a result that was achieved in August.

In light of the constant growth in the volume of Internet traffic, Lipov highlighted the need for constant modernization of the TSPU funds installed on network nodes. In order to tackle this challenge, the department plans to introduce additional equipment.

The situation in new territories presents more complexity as communication networks there are actively developing. However, Lipov confirmed that the equipment of TSPU has mainly been installed in these areas.

It is important to note that the law on the sovereign Runet came into effect on November 1, 2019. This law mandates the creation of independent infrastructure to ensure the routing of Internet traffic in situations where connecting to foreign root servers is not possible. In cases where the functioning of the Internet in Russia is threatened, Roskomnadzor has the authority to centrally manage traffic through the Center for Monitoring and Management of the Communications Network (TsMU SSOP) by utilizing TSPUs installed on the networks of operators and filtering the traffic passing through them.

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