Red OS M Launches as Domestic Mobile Platform, Built on Android AOSP Code

Russian Company Red Soft Develops Red OS M for Mobile and Stationary Systems

Russian company Red Soft, known for the development of Rhel-like distribution Red OS and DBMS Red Base Data (editorial office of open DBMS firebird), has registered their latest operating system called Red OS M. This new OS is specifically designed for use on both mobile devices and stationary systems with touch screens, catering to the increasing demand for touch-enabled computing.

Red OS M is built using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository and incorporates various functionalities and links to Google’s services and products. This OS comes with a unique feature called hybrid mode, which allows users to experience a full desktop environment when using a tablet with a touch screen or by connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to a smartphone. Not only does the desktop mode support mobile applications designed for the Android platform, but it also enables the use of fully-fledged graphics programs like Firefox, Chromium, Libreoffice, Thunderbird, and Krita. The desktop Linux applications are made possible through the Red OS distribution, which is derived from RHEL 7, and supports the installation of RPM packages. The desktop mode utilizes the Mate desktop environment, which is an

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