Russia to Replace 10% of Foreign IT Solutions with Domestic Developments

Technological Breakthroughs at the RBC Tech Forum

At the recent RBC Tech Forum, Russian companies have made significant progress in replacing foreign IT solutions with domestic alternatives, according to the Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadaev.

Shadaev highlighted that Russian companies have already managed to replace approximately 10% of foreign IT solutions with domestic ones. He stated that “we have a sharp need for somewhere in 10% of those decisions that were supplied by foreign manufacturers, some of them are already in work, they were provided with grants.”

Furthermore, Shadaev reported that forwarding contracts have been signed with buyers of domestic IT solutions, resulting in a total volume of state support amounting to “a little more than 20 billion rubles, while the volume of their investments – more than 200 billion rubles.”

Shadaev also expressed his opinion that the current strategy for replacing foreign IT solutions has been successful.

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