Ministry Plans Million Tablets for Russian Teachers and Doctors by 2024

In 2024, Russian teachers and doctors will receive the first tablets based on the domestic operating system, according to Maksut Shadaev, the head of the Ministry of Cyphra.

Shadaev stated that the initial order for production will be approximately one million devices, which will meet the primary demand among teachers and medical workers. “This volume is crucial for the production to be undertaken in Russia,” Shadaev added.

The Ministry is currently discussing the sources of financing for this program and examining pilot samples of the tablets, testing the effectiveness of the Russian operating system. Shadaev expressed confidence that a pilot project would be initiated in 2024, and the production would be replicated thereafter.

Shadaev emphasized that the state order is the main factor to facilitate the development of tablets. He also acknowledged that tablet production in Russia has been lacking behind due to tough competition from Chinese manufacturers, who offer highly efficient and cost-effective products.

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