Society Nears Digital Totalitarianism: Dangers of Leaks

Indifference to data leaks and privacy can lead to the formation of a dystopic reality, in which the boundaries between personal and public will gradually be erased. The question arises: does our society move in the direction of digital totalitarianism?

This idea of totalitarianism, as the merging of the general and personal, was discussed by Hannah Arendt, the German-American philosopher and political theorist. In such a world, any secret can be the subject of discussion and speculation. American historian Timothy Snyder also explored this concept in his book “On Tyranny.”

In his book, Snyder criticizes the approach of the media, which often sensationalize leaks and make them the main news of the day. However, he suggests that this topic does deserve attention.

Unfortunately, leaks have become a regular occurrence. Many no longer shock the public, as people have become accustomed to the idea that their confidentiality can be violated. Some individuals even believe that their lives are not worth the attention of potential attackers, especially if they do not hold high positions or have significant wealth.

In our digital world, maintaining privacy is becoming increasingly challenging. From WhatsApp rooms to DNA tests and driver’s licenses, all this information runs the risk of becoming public if proper protection tools are not utilized.

It is this indifference that can have dire consequences. While each piece of information individually may not be of much use to hackers, the combination of data such as driver’s license numbers and information obtained from social networks can be enough for identity theft.

The amount of information we share on social networks, including personal details about ourselves and our lives, further blurs the line between the personal and public spheres.

While this threat may seem like fiction or a science fiction plot, it is a reality that we are currently overlooking. We need to address this problem.

In countries like Russia and many others, there are laws in place to protect the privacy of citizens. However, leaks still occur, and it is important for employers and service providers to be held accountable for any negligence regarding the confidentiality of their customers and employees.

Therefore, it is crucial for us to approach cybersecurity with caution and prioritize the protection of our privacy.


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