Rostec Takes Lead: Leonardo Reservation System Targeted by Foreign DDOS Attacks

The Leonardo airline booking system has successfully repelled a large-scale Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack from abroad, according to reporters from Rostec in their Telegram channel.

Prior to this, both Aeroflot and Victory Airlines had issued warnings to their passengers about potential issues with flight registration due to a malfunction in the reservation system.

Aeroflot Airlines stated in its Telegram channel, “Due to a global failure in the LEONARDO reservation system, registration at the airports of the company’s route network may be affected.” The airline also announced the delay of at least seven flights from Sheremetyevo airport, with an average delay time of 30 minutes.

Victory Airlines also experienced a failure in its reservation services, online registration, and registration at airports. As a result, manual registration at airports was temporarily implemented and passengers were advised to arrive early.

At 12:08 Moscow time, Rostec confirmed the complete restoration of the Leonardo reservation system.

“Attacks on the domestic reservation system, Leonardo, are regularly occurring. In recent months, there have been dozens of such attacks, including around 5 attempts recorded in September. These attacks are large-scale and unprecedented in terms of the resources involved. It is evident that a real cyberwar is being waged against the country, with the aim of damaging the Russian IT infrastructure and disrupting vital industries,” stated the press service of Rostec.

The Leonardo reservation system was jointly developed by Rostec and its technological partner, Siren-Travel, as a means of replacing foreign reservation services.

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