China, DPRK Spying on American Medicine in Hospitals

US federal bodies are cautioning that Chinese and North Korean cybercrime groups continue to be a major threat to the US Health and Public Health sector. These groups are engaging in espionage campaigns and intellectual theft.

Among the key entities identified as threats by the agency are the following:

  • Apt41 (Double Dragon, Wicked Panda), supported by the Chinese government
  • lazarus, supported by North Korea
  • Apt43 (Kimsuky, Velvet Chollima, Emerald Sleet, Tallium)

The Center for Cybersecurity of the Health and Social Service Sector (HHS HC3) has stated in a report that China and North Korea are significant cyberpowers. The domestic policies of both countries have fostered a unique ecosystem of cybercrime, wherein government hackers are the primary threat to the US healthcare sector. The report can be found here.

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