Ransomware Attack Hurts Sony Conglomerate

RansomedVC, a hacking group specializing in ransomware attacks, has claimed responsibility for breaching the systems of Japanese conglomerate Sony, according to HackRead. The group, known for its aggressive methods, not only blocked Sony’s systems but also announced its intention to monetize the stolen data, demanding payment from the company in exchange for not releasing the confidential information.

RansomedVC, active since 2023, has been linked to several major cyber attacks, including a recent one on the Hawaiian government’s website. This disclosure comes shortly after the FBI and CISA issued a warning about Snatch Ransomware, another group of extortionists targeting critical infrastructure sectors.

This is not the first time Sony has fallen victim to cybercriminals. In 2021, three hackers from North Korea were accused of carrying out cyber attacks, including the infamous Sony Pictures hack, which resulted in the exposure of financial information and personal data of the company’s employees.

The actions of RansomedVC serve as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by extortionists to organizations of all sizes. To safeguard their data and that of their customers, companies must prioritize the development and enhancement of cybersecurity strategies, adopting a comprehensive approach.

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