AMD’s Kria K24 Platform democratizes robotics

AMD Complements Krista Portfolio with New Adaptive Systems

AMD has expanded its Krista portfolio by introducing the K24 and KD240 drives, new adaptive systems on the module (system-on-a-Module, SOM). These systems are designed to control electric motors in robotics systems, aiming to reduce the entrance threshold for using microcircuits developed for robotics.

The K24 SOM and its corresponding starting kit, priced from $250, are specifically designed for budget industries and commercial scenarios. It can be used in electric motors, robotics for automation of production, electricity production, as well as in public transport including elevators and trains. It is also suitable for integration into medical systems, including surgical robotics and MRI beds.

Robotics Made Easier

The K24 SOM features a 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, a 2-lifetime Real-Time ARM Cortex-R5F processor, and runs on Ubuntu. It is equipped with an MALI-400 MP2 graphic processor and an AMD deep learning processor, along with 2 GB of RAM LPDDR4. This makes it an entry-level module that is designed to facilitate robotics development.

Compared to the advanced K26, the K24 SOM is more accessible and specially adapted for calculations and input/output (I/O) for engine control. It offers significant advantages in controlling engines, with AMD claiming that the K24 has a response time of 120 NS, half as much as the 276 NS of the AM64XX from Texas Instruments. Furthermore, the K24 can be used in conjunction with the K26 in the same robotics systems due to a compatible connector.

The integrated packaging of the K24 results in a size that is about half the size of a credit card. As a result, the architecture consumes much less energy compared to other market options. Additionally, the K24 consumes only half the energy consumed by the K26.

The KRIA starting kit includes a number of additional components that simplify and expedite the creation of robotics systems, even for hobbyists and enthusiasts. In the near

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