Russia Gears Up for Technological Breakthrough

The Ministry of Economy has prepared the draft law “On Technological Policy in the Russian Federation” – a document that establishes the foundations of the technological development of the Russian Federation until 2030. The law is the development of the concept of the technological development of the Russian Federation adopted in May 2023 and determined the purpose of statistics in the field of technological sovereignty, innovative growth of the economy, and import substitution.

The Ministry of Economy emphasized that the bill was designed to integrate into the existing legislative architecture without the need to adjust the current laws.

Priorities in the field of technological development will be determined in the form of a list of critical (currently currently) and promising (long-term) technologies. The basis for determining critical technologies will be the projects of technological sovereignty (at the moment there are ten of them from the production of machine tools, medicines and medical devices to ships, aircraft, and civilian drones). Critical technologies will be identified at the key stages of the production of each project.

The field of import substitution provides for tightening requirements – the presence of intellectual rights to the results of intellectual activity (RID), people and competencies, means of production. This will help exclude the practice of “overflowing” labels and masking conditionally foreign products to domestic. The main emphasis is not on the transfer of production in the Russian Federation but to ensure control over production at the level of national legislation (for example, in other countries under the management of Russian legal entities).

In the framework of the definition of promising technologies, the government plans to reconsider the forecasting mechanisms, focusing on applied scientific forecasts for a period of 10-15 years with the possibility of annual updating (the forecasts of the National Technological Initiative may become a possible basis). As a result, a list of specific technologies should be compiled.

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