Geckos 2.1 Unveils OS for MOS 6502 Processors

Geckos 2.1: New Operating System Released for 8-digit Processors

After 4 years of development, André Fachat has published the release of the operating system Geckos 2.1. Geckos 2.1 is specially designed for use on systems with eight-digit processors, specifically the Mos 6502 and Mos 6510 processors used in popular PCs such as the Commodore Pet, Commodore 64, and CS/A65.

The Geckos 2.1 project, single-handedly developed by André Fachat since 1989, is written in Assembler and SI languages and is spread under the GPLv2 license. The new release brings several enhancements and features to the operating system.

Main Features

  • Micro-yard included
  • Support for replacement multitasking
  • Memory management system
  • Standard UNIX utilities (SH, MKDIR, PS, LS, etc.) and primitives
  • Develops the standard library lib6502
  • Includes simplified TCP/IP glass with network application capabilities (e.g., HTTP server)
  • Core size: 2 kb (minimum assembly), 4 kb (full)
  • Hardware-specific components placed in a separate layer for independence

The Geckos 2.1 release also brings improvements to various utilities. The implementation of PS and LS utilities has

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