Popular VPN app I2VPN’s admin hacked by cybercriminals

Unknown hackers claim to have hacked into the administrator account of the I2VPN, a virtual private network with over 500,000 downloads. According to the attackers, they obtained confidential information of hundreds of thousands of users by accessing the main panel of the administrator. This news was first reported by data security firm SafetyDetectives IB, who found out about the hack after the hackers posted stolen information on a Telegram channel.

The leaked data includes users’ addresses, administrator passwords, screenshots of the panel, data processing centers, and user subscription information. While the hackers did not directly access user data, the compromised accounting data of the administrator panels could potentially provide access to significant amounts of personal information. The i2VPN app has more than 500,000 downloads from the Google Play store, with the exact number from the App Store unknown.

If the hacking is confirmed, the leaked data may compromise users’ confidential information, including login credentials, email addresses, and subscription details such as payment methods and expiration dates. The i2VPN needs to take urgent measures to eliminate vulnerabilities in their security system and reinforce their system to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Users are advised to remain alert and keep themselves up-to-date with any official notifications from the i2VPN regarding the recent hacking and recommended security measures. The investigation is ongoing, and more information will be shared as it becomes available.

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