Sudan hackers double SAS ransom to $10M

Anonymous Sudan, a hacking group based in Sudan, has increased its ransom demand for SAS Airlines to $10 million. The group has been attacking SAS Airlines for almost two weeks, periodically shutting down the airline’s website and application. The initial ransom demand was $3,500, but quickly escalated to $175,000, followed by $3 million and now $10 million.

During the previous attack, which occurred on May 24th, Anonymous Sudan made it clear that they would not stop the attacks until the ransom demand was met. The group has also criticized the airline for poor customer service.

Despite the ongoing attacks and increasing ransom demands, SAS Airlines has not yet issued a public statement about the situation. However, customers have complained about the inability to access the airline’s website and book tickets online.

This is not the first time SAS Airlines has been targeted by Anonymous Sudan. Earlier this year, on February 15th, the airline was also attacked and customer data was compromised. The group claimed responsibility for that attack as well.

As the attacks continue and the ransom demands increase, SAS Airlines may find itself under increasing pressure to take action to protect its customers and prevent further disruptions to its services.

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