Apple denies Russian spying allegations

In a recently released statement, the Inc of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) accused Apple of collaborating with American intelligence services to surveil iPhone users in Russia. This accusation was made following reports in the media that American spies used a vulnerability in the iPhone software to access the data of thousands of Russian citizens. According to the FSB, Apple provided the United States with information about the location, contacts, and correspondence of iPhone users in Russia.

Apple quickly denied any involvement, stating in their own statement that they “never worked with any government to introduce Bekdor into any Apple product and will never do this.” Bekdor is a trojan virus that the FSB claims was used to carry out the surveillance.

Apple emphasized that it values the privacy of its users and would not give access to anyone without a court order. They also highlighted that they are continually improving their security measures to protect their customers from cyber attacks and that they respect human rights around the world.

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