Openai is looking for white hackers to combat cybercrime

Openai, the creator of popular ChatGPT and Dall-E, launches a grant program for cybersecurity for 1 million dollars. The purpose of the program is to increase and measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity based on artificial intelligence (AI) and contribute to the development of discussion at a high level on the interaction of AI and cybersecurity.

Openai invites to cooperate specialists in security from around the world to change the balance of power in the field of cybersecurity using the use of AI and coordinating the efforts of people working for the benefit of public security.

Openai offers a number of interesting ideas for projects: from developing traps for attackers to helping developers in creating safe software by default and optimizing security updates.

The program has three main goals: firstly, it seeks to “strengthen the defenders”, providing them with the advanced capabilities of AI. Secondly, it is aimed at “measuring opportunities”, developing methods for the quantitative assessment of the cybersecurity of AI Models. Thirdly, she wants to “raise the level of discourse”, encouraging deep discussions at the junction of AI and cybersecurity.

This initiative challenges the traditional view of cybersecurity. Openai emphasizes the relevance of the expression: “Defenders should be right 100% of the time, attacking enough to be right once.” But the company sees the importance of cooperation in achieving a common goal – to ensure the safety of people. She proves that armed and defenders can change the situation.

Previously, Crowdstrike, CEO, called AI “Racer of Weapons” and assured that AI-Harosis can be opposed.

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