Zulip 7: New Platform for Messaging

Zulip, a server platform for corporate messaging, has released version 7.0. The project was developed by Zulip and released under the Apache 2.0 license following its acquisition by Dropbox. The server code was written in Python using the Django framework, with clients available for Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, as well as a built-in web interface.

Zulip is capable of facilitating both direct messaging between users and group discussions and is frequently compared with Slack as an internal, corporate analogue to Twitter. The platform allows for threaded message displays and simultaneous participation in several discussions, making it easier to manage communication between groups of employees.

Additional features of Zulip include support for offline messaging, the ability to maintain a full history of discussions on the server, drag-and-drop file sharing, automatic syntax highlighting, and built-in markup language for quick formatting of text. The platform also integrates with numerous other services, including GitHub, Nagios, Puppet, RSS, and Twitter.

The latest release of Zulip includes a redesigned visual interface, with increased use of color and improved differentiation between personal mentions, group mentions, and current messages. The headlines of different channels are now also separated.

Zulip offers a comprehensive platform for corporate messaging, providing a range of features that make internal communication between employees and groups more efficient and organized.

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