ICEWM Window Manager 3.4.0 Released

IceWM 3.4.0, the latest issue of a lightweight window manager, is now available for download. IceWM is a window manager that provides full control through keyboard combinations, allowing users to use virtual desktops, tasks, and menu panels. The window manager allows you to group windows using tabs. The setup of this window manager is quite simple and configuration files can be used, as well as the option to select different themes.

IceWM comes with built-in applets for monitoring CPU, memory, and traffic. Moreover, several third-party GUIs have been developed to allow users to edit desktop settings and menus. Written in C++, the code is subject to the GPLv2 license.

The new version of IceWM includes updates to enhance keyboard management. It also includes support for UTF-8 code points, keyboard codes that change the value when pressed Shift, and symbolic literals from Latin-1 encoding. Furthermore, keyboard bindings can now be implemented after switching the keyboard layout.

Overall, the IceWM 3.4.0 version has new features and updated functionality to provide users with better keyboard management and improved performance. With its simple configuration setup, desktop editors, and built-in applets, this window manager remains a popular choice among users. Users can download the latest version of IceWM from their official website.

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