Former developers launch Nginx fork: Angie 1.2.0

published The release of a high-performance http server and multi-percussion proxy server angie 1.2.0 , branched from nginx a group of former project developers who resigned from the company F5 Network. The initial texts of Angie are available under the license BSD.

The development of the web server, formed last fall, and received an investment of $ 1 million is engaged in the development of the development. Among the co-owners of the company web server: Valentin Bartenev (the leader of the Nginx Unit team), Ivan Poluyanov (former head of the front-line developers Rambler and, Oleg Mamontov (head of the NGINX Inc technical support team) and RUU@FreeBSD .org).

Changes in the release of Angie 1.2.0:

  • From the Nginx project repository, accumulated changes have been postponed, the corresponding versions of Nginx 1.25. Among other things, the module with the implementation of the protocol http/3.
  • was transferred

  • Added directive sticky , operating in the settings section upstream http module. The directive allows you to configure the session binding mode, in which all requests associated with one session are redirected to the same server, if there are several backens. The link to the session is based on the value of cookies or the parameter in the URI.
  • Added variable $ upstream_Sticky_status , determining the state of transmission to the server to which the session is attached (“New”, “hit” or “Miss”).
  • Support for the NTLS (TLS 1.3 Csifers SM3 and SM4 standardized in China). To use the protocol, the presence of the library is required tongsuo and the indication of the option “–WH-NTLS” during assembly. For configuration in HTTP and Stream modules, directives ssl_ntls and proxy_ssl_ntls .
  • In the HTTP_PROXY and Stream_PROXY modules, several certificates of different types (RSA and ECDSA) with the corresponding keys are allowed to indicate. Settings are carried out using the directives proxy_ssl_Certificate , Proxy_ssl_Certificate , and proxy_ssl_Certificate_key .
  • . .

  • In the name of the main process, the version and assembly name are shown, which allows you to see this information when viewing advanced processes PS with a utility.
  • In the module gzip the possibility of compressing answers with the code 207 (multi-status).

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