Mozilla Enhances Firefox Relay for Easier Use

Mozilla has announced its integration of Firefox Relay, which has been available to users as a separate extension for several years, directly into the Firefox browser. Firefox Relay is an email protection system that helps users conceal their email address from prying eyes, avoid tracking, and eliminate spam.

Now, whenever a user browses a website, Firefox Relay will automatically suggest creating a new pseudonym for email use or using existing ones whenever prompted to create an account. The user can complete the pseudonym creation process in a single click thanks to a non-invasive pop-up window that appears directly in the email input line.

These pseudonyms redirect emails to the user’s authentic email address, offering them complete anonymity and confidentiality. With Firefox Relay, users can safeguard their personal data and minimize the impact of potential data leakages, except in cases of Mozilla data leaks.

The new technology has a unique feature that enables users to delete any old pseudonyms that receive spam or unwanted messages and create new ones without tampering with their primary account data.

Firefox Relay’s operating principle closely resembles Duckduckgo’s email protection service, which creates anonymous disposable pseudonyms called “personal Ducks (” However, Firefox Relay has an added feature that automatically removes tracking codes before sending emails to the user’s email address, making the service even more confidential.

Previously, Firefox Relay has been available as a separate extension, requiring users to activate a separate control panel to manage pseudonyms. Mozilla provides its users with a more convenient method for using such services.

The pop-up windows to create a pseudonym will not yet be available to all users or on every website, but Mozilla has promised to broaden the number of supported sites and equip all users with the new function in the future.

Mozilla has also launched Total Cookie Protection for the Android version of the Firefox browser, which blocks all intersite trackers automatically. Until now, this technology was only available on desktop versions of the browser. The function developed for each site creates its cookie storage limiting access to other websites, preventing inter-site activities, and ensuring additional user data protection.

Mozilla urges all Firefox browser users to initiate manual checks for software updates to begin using these new innovations.

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