Wine 8.4 Offers Initial Wayland Support

Experimental release of open implementation Winapi – Wine 8.4 took place on the 16th of April, 2021. The new release closed 51 error reports and made 344 amendments. The release notes reveal that the most important changes include initial support for the use of Wine surrounded by Wayland protocol without the use of XWALAND and X11 components. There were also improvements made in the Input Method Editors (IME) support.

Furthermore, the release fixed malfunctions while performing verification functions like test_enum_value(), test_blocking(), test_wait(), test_desktop_window(), test_create_device() and several others, including bugs in applications like Foobar2000 1.6, Motorola Ready for Assistant, and LDP.exe. Similarly, errors that had been reported in games such as Thief, Hard Truck 2: King of the Road, Amazon Games, Secondhand Lands, Spore, and Starcraft Remastered have been fixed.

Wine aims to provide support for using Windows APIs that allow for Windows applications to run on other operating systems, like Linux, macOS, and BSD. This new release of Wine includes an initial support for Winewayland.drv driver and Unixlib components as well as preparations for processing the file assembly system with the definitions of the Wayland protocol. In one of the following issues, we are hoping to include changes that ensure the withdrawal surrounded by Wayland.

After completing the transmission of changes to the main composition of Wine, users will have the opportunity to use a clean Wayland-control with support for the launch of Windows, which does not require an installation of packages associated with X11. This is expected to help achieve higher productivity and responsiveness of games by excluding extra layers.

With this experimental release, Wine continues to make headway in using Windows APIs that allow for the running of Windows applications on other operating systems.

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