WEBKITGTK 2.40.0 and Epiphany 44 Web browser launched

The WebkitGTK Team has announced the release of a new stable branch, WebkitGTK 2.40.0, which is a port of the browser engine WebKit for the GTK platform. Webkitgtk enables users to integrate web-content processing tools into any applications, from specialized HTML/CSS parking to creating full-function web browsers. This software is highly compatible with GNOME-oriented software interfaces based on GObject. Some well-known projects using Webkitgtk include the standard GNOME browser (Epiphany).

However, the software was formerly used in the Midori browser. After the transition of the Midori project to the Astian Foundation, the old version of Midori on Webkitgtk was abandoned, and Wexond created a fundamentally different product with the same name but based on the Electron and React platform.

The latest version of Webkitgtk includes several key changes. The API for GTK4 is now stabilized, and WebGL2 support is turned on, enabling broadcasting of Opengl ES in Opengl, Direct3D 9/11, Desktop GL, and Vulkan. The API control of the exchange buffer is included, and request powers for certain Web-capacity are also now possible. An asynchronous mode is included for returning values from user scripts as well. Some other improvements include processing of the Webkitdownload signal, the addition of a new API to perform JavaScript, and the possibility of exporting webkit://GPU in JSON format. Moreover, memory release problems when loading the contents have been resolved.

Based on Webkitgtk 2.40.0, Gnome Web 44 browser (Epiphany) has been developed. This updated version includes many important changes, such as transitioning to the use of GTK 4 and Libadwaita. The information panels have been replaced by pop-up menus, dialogs, and banners, and the tabs menu has been replaced with Adwtabbutton. Moreover, support for the distribution of Elementary OS has been added, alongside tinting for installing the page when opening a new tab, support for the API WebEXTENSION BROWSERACTION, settings for Webextensions, and support for duplication of the tab. In the context menu, a constant display of the Mute Tab element is ensured.

The Webkitgtk 2.40.0 release comes with significant features and improvements that will enable users to develop efficient and high-performing applications. To download the new stable branch or find out more, visit the WebKitGTK website.

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