Serpentos Launches Package Infrastructure

Developers from SeprPentos have announced the successful deployment of their infrastructure, which is now publicly accessible. The infrastructure is made up of three main components: Summit, Avalanche, and Vessel.

Summit is a component used for monitoring Git-references with recipes for packages and the automatic creation of assembly tasks. The developers note that Summit uses a dependence graph to effectively assemble packages in parallel mode.

Avalanche is the component responsible for assembling packet recipes, while Vessel is the component responsible for storing binary packages.

SeprPentos is the brainchild of IKEY DOHERTY, the creator of the Solus distribution, and Joshua Strobl, the key developer of the Budgie desktop. The distribution is based on the package of the MOSS manager, which borrows many modern capabilities developed in package managers such as Eopkg/Pisi, RPM, SWUPD, and NIX/GUIX, while maintaining a traditional view of packet manipulation. It uses assembly in Stateless by default and features the atomic model of system updates, in which the state of Rootfs is fixed before switching to a new one.

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