Online store buyers targeted by fraudsters with tricky refunds scheme

Fraudulent activity has been reported by Sberbank on March 23, where scammers are deceiving customers through the return scheme in online stores. The bank has warned that attackers are returning funds to recently ordered goods and then posing as store representatives to request the money back with incorrect claims of return. Consequently, the innocent clients end up sending money to the hackers’ wallet details provided by the fake employee. This practice has emerged as a fraudulent technique of obtaining funds from online customers, as stated by Sberbank in its Telegram warning.

Furthermore, the bank disclosed that the scammers are hacking the personal accounts of online shop users and then refunding these funds to fake clients under the pretext of “return by mistake.” Sberbank advises clients to avoid engaging with an individual presenting themselves as a store employee, choose complex passwords, and implement two-factor authentication in applications that support this function. These measures will prevent unwitting involvement in malicious schemes of fraudulent activity when shopping online.

Overall, customers must be aware of the aforementioned fraudulent activities that are widespread online and exercise caution when making online purchases. Practicing preventive cybersecurity measures can save a lot of trouble and prevent any financial losses.

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