Docker Hub Reverses Decision to End Free Service for Teams

Docker has announced the reversal of its decision to terminate the Free Team subscription service. This service enables open project supervising organizations to upload container images to the Docker Hub catalog, utilize private repositories, and manage commands for free. After a wave of user backlash, Docker has decided to permit Free Team users to continue with the same service mode and prevent the previously planned account deletions.

Users who had transferred from Free Team to paid services from March 14 to March 24 will be reimbursed, and the option to return to the free tariff plan, “Free Team,” is open to them. Those who had selected a simplified personal or Pro subscription will remain on the Free Team plan.

Until now, Docker Free Team users had been asked to shift to paid services or apply to take part in the Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program. This initiative permits unrestricted access to the Docker Hub for open projects that are actively updated and comply with the Open Source Initiative regulations and do not seek compensation for their development benefits.

This decision is a welcome respite for users who had raised concern about being forced to switch to paid services and their data’s security on third-party platforms. By enabling the current mode of service, Docker has maintained user confidence in the trustworthiness of the service, securing long-term success in the community.

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