Mozilla Launches for Open Machine Learning Systems

Mozilla has launched a new startup called with an investment of $30 million. The purpose of this startup is to build an ecosystem that simplifies the development of trustworthy, independent, and open projects related to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The main goal of this startup is to encourage an open, transparent and controlled development of AI.

By creating a separate site, aims to bring developers, researchers and creators of AI and ML products closer. This platform will allow these individuals to work together towards building an unbiased and decentralized ecosystem. The start-up is founded on the belief that AI development should be transparent, controlled and open.

One of the main areas of focus for will be the development of tools to enhance the safety and transparency of generative machine learning models, such as GPT-4. The aim is to ensure that the information generated by these models is accurate and trustworthy.

These developments will be a step in the right direction towards increasing transparency and trustworthiness of AI and ML models. believes that through open collaboration, researchers and developers can advance AI in a fast and democratic way while taking necessary precautions to ensure safety and trust.

In conclusion, with the launch of and investment of $30 million, Mozilla hopes to encourage the development of AI and ML projects that are transparent, controlled and open, which will help build a decentralized and deserving ecosystem that provides unbiased and safe AI experiences.

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