TEX District Faces Tex Live 2023 Problem

TeX Live 2023, the latest version of the scientific documentation preparation infrastructure, has been released by TUG (TeX Users Group). Tex Live, which was created in 1996 on the basis of the TeteX project, is compatible with various operating systems and is widely used for scientific documents. The assembly for Tex Live 2023, which includes a working live-control, a complete set of installation files, a copy of the CTAN repository, and a selection of documentation in different languages, can be downloaded.

Several improvements have been made to Tex Live 2023, including new primitives implemented in Eptex and Euptex. Luatex now has a new primitive for implementing variable mathematical symbols. PdfTeX has added new primitives, including “pdfomitinfodict”, “pdfomitprocet,” and “pdfinterwordspaceon.” Additionally, PTeX has been discontinued and is replaced by EPTEX in compatibility mode. Several other utilities have been transferred to Uptex.

DVIPDFMX now includes the option “-pdfm-stro-Utf8” to create a bookmark with text in the UTF-8 encoding. Bibtexu now includes support for Unicode. Kpathsea has automatic determination of the encoding of incoming texts. Mactex has increased its platform requirements (MacOS 10.14+ for Universal-Darwin and MacOS 10.6 for X86_64-Darwinlebacy) and now includes the viewer of Hint-Documents, HintView.

The 64-bit executable files for Windows are now available, while the supply of 32-bit assemblies has been discontinued. These improvements are significant to scientific documentation and will certainly benefit the scientific community.

To download the assembly for Tex Live 2023, which contains all of these new features, interested users can visit the TUG website.

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