Xwayland 23.1.0 released for launching X11 apps in Wayland

X.org has released the latest version of XWayland, 23.1.0, with added features and improvements to make it easier for X11 applications to function smoothly on the Wayland display server.

The Device-Dependent X (DDX) component ensures the seamless launch of X.org Server to facilitate the execution of X11 applications surrounded by Wayland.

One of the notable changes in this version is the addition of support for four versions of the Wayland Protocol — “linux-dmabuf” — which allows multiple video cards to be used jointly using DMA-Buf technology.

The latest version of XWayland also supports the “xwayland-shellaroundforacertainsurfaceWl_Surface” protocol, which lets X11 window managers manage Wayland surfaces.

The release also includes support for the “Wl_POINTER.AXIS_VALUE120” protocol, which offers high-precision scrolling on manipulators and mouse with high-resolution scrollwheels. Additionally, the Rootful mode has been improved for using XWayland as an invested X-server.

Lastly, XWayland 23.1.0 addresses potential security problems by default, which forbids connecting customers with systems that have different bytes

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