Medical Convention: Between doctors and health insurance, four months of negotiations for final failure

Unions and health insurance have failed to get along to redefine the conditions for exercising and remuneration for the profession. An arbitration regulations will engage, but the rupture is deep.

by Eléa Pommiers and Mattea Battaglia

It is an endless unanimous-reference that the six unions representing city physicians in health insurance. Thirty bilateral meetings since November 2022, four plenales and ninety hours of negotiations ended in failure to find an agreement on the new medical agreement which is redefining, for the next five years, the conditions of practice and remuneration for the profession.

The two main unions of liberal doctors, MG France among generalists and the Union Future Spé-le Bloc among specialists, announced, Sunday, February 26 in the evening, their refusal to sign the project carried out by insurance- Illness and supported by the government, of which they only obtained the 300-page text on the night of Friday to Saturday, after final meetings.

largely compromised by the decision of these two organizations, the hopes of finding common ground before the end of the legal period to initial the text, set for Tuesday, February 28, midnight, were definitively buried on Monday when the Federation of Doctors of France (FMF) and the union of liberal doctors (SML) followed suit, while the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML) had already expressed its opposition. The Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF) awaits the end of the vote of its members, scheduled for March 12, before formalizing its position but it anticipates a majority rejection.

For the first time since 2010, it will therefore be necessary to go through an “arbitral regulation”, an “minimum” agreement written in the event of an dead end by an “arbitrator”: in this case the former general inspector of Social Affairs, Annick Morel.

“an insult”

The representatives of liberal doctors have not chewed their words to denounce the spirit and the content of the convention which was subjected to them: a text which is “not up to” for future-slap, A “All false” for the CSMF, is “Liberal anti-medine” for the SML and the FMF. “To hear the Minister say that he wants doctors to commit and that it is a given-way, it is an insult that is collectively addressed to us,” denounced Agnes Giannotti, president of MG France, During a press conference on Sunday evening.

The government wanted to create a lever to facilitate access to care in a country to medical demography at half mast: the “territorial commitment contract”, opening up to increased consultation rates (at least 30 euros for general practitioners and 35 euros for specialists) in exchange for counterparts on the reception of new patients, permanence of care, participation in guards in evenings, weekends …

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