Retailers and delivery services are main victims of data leaks in Russia

According to the study of the Kaspersky Laboratory about significant data leaks in Russia, attackers published 168 significant databases of Russian companies in 2022, which laid out more than 2 billion records. Drenches include almost 300 million user data, of which about 48 million lines contained passwords. Most of the user data (64%) was compromised as a result of attacks on large business. The leaders in terms of flowing information were spheres of delivery (34%) and retail (14%).

The definition of a significant data leakage is that as a result, it compromised more than 5,000 lines of user data or received a resonance in the media. In the TOP 10, the number of published user data included two leaks of companies from the delivery sphere and two from the sphere of retail. In 2022, data compromise most often occurred in the organizations of the sphere of retail, which was 26% of the total number of companies that were faced with this problem.

Kaspersky laboratory also notes that data from both users and employees, including work information, mobile phone number and financial information, fall into public access. The company predicts that in 2023 the number of data leaks can grow by 20%, and the retail sphere will continue to remain the most vulnerable, since it stores tremendous volumes of information.

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