In pictures: Rio’s carnival finds its joy

Video Rio de Janeiro celebrated his full reunion at the start of the week with the joy, the excess and the splendor of his famous carnival, after the parenthesis due to the COVVI-19.

In 2021, some 215 million Brazilians had been in mourning of a carnival which is part of the DNA of an entire people: the edition had been canceled due to the pandemic of Cavid-19, which made 700,000 dead. And last year the carnival had been postponed to April, the very popular street processions, which can bring together hundreds of thousands of revelers … and watered with a lot of alcohol, had been prohibited.

For this 2023 edition, the fervor reached its climax during the parade of the twelve Samba schools, on February 19 and 20, in front of 70,000 spectators each evening and tens of millions of viewers.

At stake, the highly disputed title of the most grandiose carnival champion on the planet, the meeting of the year of the Brazilians, a outlet, an enchanted parenthesis of popular jubilation. The winning school of this 2023 carnival will be known on February 22.

This 2023 edition was also the first since the return to power of the left president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, who defeated the outgoing far right head of state in October, Jair Bolsonaro.

“Carnival represents the culture of an entire people, before the freedom of expression of our culture was repressed,” says Carla Andrea Barbosa, a 50-year-old costume designer for thirty years. The Bolsonaro government had abolished the Ministry of Culture, cut credits and censored the creations that displeased it.

Lula has promised to restore its place to culture in Brazil and, signs time, the Minister of Culture, Margareth Menezes, paraded at the top of a tank of the school of Mangueira during the night of Sunday in Monday.

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