Human record of landslides in Brazil increases to 44 dead

There are dozens of disappeared after the torrential rains that hit the south-east of the country.

mo12345lemonde with AFP

Research of survivors in houses carried on Sunday by landslides in south -eastern Brazil continued on Tuesday, February 21, the human record continuing to increase – 44 victims are counted, as well as dozens of missing . More than 680 millimeters of rain fell in twenty-four hours in Sao Sebastiao, a seaside resort approximately 200 kilometers from Sao Paulo, more than double monthly precipitation. This is where 43 dead have so far been identified in addition to that of a little girl further north, in the coastal city of Ubatuba.

“Research and rescue operations continue tirelessly,” said the Governor’s office of Sao Paulo, stating that 1,730 people had been temporarily evacuated from their house and that 760 were homeless. In addition, 23 people, including 5 children, are taken care of at the hospital, including 6 in serious condition. In Sao Sebastiao, a tent was erected for a collective vigil in tribute to the victims. 2> 9.5 million people live in exposed areas

In the neighboring town of Juquehy, the inhabitants still shaken by the storm suffered this weekend were tested Tuesday morning by new landslides. About 80 people fled their home; No victim has been reported, according to the authorities.

The president of the country, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, who flew over the disaster area on Monday, warned the dangers of urban constructions located at the foot of hills, like those carried to Sao Sebastiao. The National Center for Surveillance and Alert of Brazil natural disasters, CEMADEN, estimates that 9.5 million people live in areas exposed to landslides or floods, many of which are in favelas devoid of basic basic structures .

Many roads still blocked by landslides forced to evacuate vacationers by boats. Helicopters provide help and equipment in research zones.

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