In United States created technology that allows you to gain text by power of thought

American startup Synchron, specializing in creating interfaces, brain-computer (BCI), works on technology, which allows paralyzed people to gain text by the power of thought.

Using the Synchron Switch neuroimplant, which is brought to the cerebral cerebral through the circulatory system, a paralyzed patient will be able to control the computer cursor by the power of thought. This will help patients with paralysis or degenerative diseases to restore the ability to communicate with the outside world, gaining text messages, as well as make purchases on the Internet and much more.

At the moment, 7 successful operations to implant the Synchron Switch chip – 4 in Australia and 3 in the USA. To prove the safety of the Switch implant, the company must conduct at least 6 operations in the USA.

Synchron CEO Tom Oksley said that the loss of the ability to send text messages is incredibly isolating. Restoring the opportunity to send them to loved ones is a very emotional restoration of force.

Synchron claims that the company’s financing will help accelerate the development of the Synchron product and begin key clinical trials that will bring the technology commercialization. It is worth noting that in December 2022, Synchron was able to attract investments of $ 75 million. The head of Microsoft Bill Gates and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos.

In January, the test results of the BCI Synchron system in Australia showed that the technology is safe and does not worsen the quality of the signal or performance within 12 months from the date of implantation.

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