France Médias Monde: Three enlisted candidates require transparency

In a letter sent on Friday, Sylvain Attal, David Hivet and Pierre-Etienne Pommier ask the Arcom (ex-CSA) to make public the vote which led to the renewal of Marie-Christine Saragosse.

by Aude Dassonville

More than a month after the renewal of Marie-Christine Saragosse at the head of France Médias Monde, on January 11, three of the four candidates ousted for his benefit claim accounts from the authority for the regulation of audiovisual communication and digital (Arcom, ex-CSA).

In a letter sent on Friday, February 17, journalist Sylvain Attal, the digital contractor Pierre-Etienne Pommier and the former CFI (a media development agency, a subsidiary of France Médias Monde) ask the authority “to make public or to communicate the minutes of all the votes which occurred within the framework of this appointment”.

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