Death of American actress Raquel Welch, sex symbol of 1960s and 1970s

The star, revealed by “a million years before J.C.”, from Don Chaffey, died in Los Angeles on February 15, at the age of 82. Despite a well -filled career, she said she regretted never having been able to impose more than her beauty.

by Véronique Cauhapé

Her irreproachable plastic Men Men on several occasions, from an early age, on the podiums of beauty contests. She undoubtedly helped him to cross the threshold of Hollywood studios. The career she led there made her shoot her in around forty films, sometimes under the leadership of great directors such as Richard Fleischer, Stanley Donen, Edward Dmytryk. It is never enough, however, to detach it from this iconic image enthroned in the pantheon of the most beautiful women in the world.

Raquel Welch, which we systematically prefer to highlight beauty rather than the game, died in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 15, “peacefully early this morning after a brief illness”, according to the press release addressed to AFP by his manager. The American actress, star of the years 1960-1970, was 82 years old.

born September 5, 1940, in Chicago in Illinois, a Brazilian father, aeronautical engineer and an American mother, Jo Raquel Tejada follows very young of dance and dramatic comedy lessons. She was in the last year of high school when, in 1957, she introduced herself and won the Miss Fairst of the Fair competition in San Diego (California), the first in a long series. Two years later, she married James Welch whose name she takes. Model, she begins to win small roles in the cinema. Producer Patrick Curtis landmark, and wants to launch his career. Raquel Welch thus finds himself alongside Elvis Presley in the everything of John Rich (1964) then in his first science fiction film, the fantastic journey of Richard Fleischer (1966), where she is part of the ‘crew (miniaturized) responsible for exploring the human body. The actress wins a little notoriety.

sex symbol

It was however with a million years before J.-C. by Don Chaffrey (1966) that Raquel Welch won, definitely winning his sex symbol stripes, thanks essentially to the bra and the Skirt in shredded beast that she carries throughout the film. For the rest, his interpretation is not enough to shake the earth, any more than that of other actors (John Richardson, Percy Herbert…). We are in prehistory, in hostile territory, in the company of almost silent characters, with somewhat raw reactions. But Raquel Welch is throne on all posters, nourishes fantasies and is now established as the rival of Ursula Andress, whose swimsuit, in James Bond 007 against Dr No (1962), has just been put back to the cupboard by Three shreds of animal skin.

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