Judicial vice is tightening around Jair Bolsonaro, exiled in United States

A senator suggested that the former Brazilian president would have fomented the coup attempt in January, which Luis Inacio Lula Da Silva is “convinced”.

By Anne Vigna (Rio de Janeiro, correspondence)

In these first days of February, Brasilia rumors rumors, incredible revelations and ads of police operations in connection with the aborted putsch of January 8. While the judicial and legislative powers resume their work in new buildings, the senator of the State of the Espirito Santo, Marcos Do Val, ally of former President Jair Bolsonaro, engaged on Thursday, February 2 , to a surprising confession.

From 6:30 a.m., he broadcast a video on social networks where he announced “a bomb” in the pages of the weekly Veja and his resignation from the Senate. The “bomb” could actually be one, if the meeting in which he would have participated in the presidential palace in December 2022, took place in the terms he detailed to the journalists of Veja. Because three times this Thursday, Marco Do Val has slightly changed his version of the facts, and renounced his resignation. According to his first interview, recorded by the magazine, Jair Bolsonaro and the former deputy Daniel Silveira would have invited him during a meeting to participate in a “mission which could save Brazil”.

The famous mission consisting in recording without his knowledge and pushing the judge Alexandre de Moraes to the fault, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) so that he recognizes any abuse of power during the course of the presidential elections. Following which, Jair Bolsonaro could have dismissed the judge and cancel the electoral process: a very little plausible plan with regard to the law but which would have been envisaged by the two acolytes, still according to the senator. Marco do Val would have refused “the mission” and immediately warned Alexandre de Moraes, which the magistrate actually confirmed on Friday February 3. The fact remains that after having spoken this Thursday with two of the sons of Jair Bolsonaro, the senator finally minimized the role of the former president, reducing him to a silent puppet next to a Daniel Silveira who would have taken all the initiatives.

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The federal police, however, questioned this same on Thursday the Senator in addition to Anderson Torres, former Minister of Justice, and Valdemar Costa Neto, president of the Liberal Party, the formation of Jair Bolsonaro. The interrogation of the latter two mainly relating to the famous “decree” discovered at the home of Torres during a search in mid-January and which announced the cancellation of the result of the presidential election.

“I believe in the technical work of the police and justice. An element alone like this decree, is worth nothing. But if a link is made between this document and the meeting of which the senator speaks, the investigation takes a Any other turn, “said Oscar Vilhena Vieira, professor of constitutional law at the Getulio Vargas Foundation. A new development could help the police to pick up the pieces of the puzzle: this same February 2, the former deputy Daniel Silveira, the third man of the famous meeting, was again imprisoned for having systematically disobedient to the decisions of justice. At his home, the police confiscated several phones which could contain information on the agenda of the ex-far-right president, because the two men were very close.

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