Brazil: candidate supported by Lula re -elected president of Senate

Rodrigo Pacheco, elected centrist, obtained 49 votes, Wednesday, against 32 for his opponent, a former minister of Jair Bolsonaro.

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This is one more defeat for supporters of Jair Bolsonaro. Rodrigo Pacheco, supported by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, was re-elected on Wednesday 1 er February, head of the Senate, facing a former minister of the ex-president of extreme right, during a high security parliamentary school.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, was also renewed for a two -year term. This former ally of Mr. Bolsonaro does not dispute Lula’s victory in the presidential election.

Rodrigo Pacheco, elected representative of the Democratic Social Party (PSD, Center), obtained 49 votes, against 32 for his opponent Rogerio Marinho, who was Minister of Regional Development under the mandate of Mr. Bolsonaro (2019-2022). He needed 41 votes to be renewed for a new two -year term.

“We have to give our hands, so that Brazil is pacified and the differences remain in the field of politics,” said Pacheco before the senators’ vote.

Without real opposition, Arthur Lira, from the Party Right Progressistas (PP) party, was re -elected hands down, with the voices of 464 of the 513 deputies, a record.

security Reinforced on the Place des Trois-Pouvoirs

Brazil comes out of a very polarized election, won by a short head by Lula against Jair Bolsonaro at the end of October 2022. But this young democracy remains mainly traumatized by the riots of January 8, when thousands of bowlsonarists refusing to ‘Accept the return of the left in power have invaded and ransacked the places of power in Brasilia.

The security system has since been reinforced in the capital: access to the Esplanade des Ministries, which leads to Place des Trois-Pouvoirs, where the Congress, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court are located, been closed to the public, and the area was permanently monitored by drones.

The new congress, from the legislative elections of October 2022, leans more to the right than the previous one, and the left president will have to constantly negotiate with the myriad of parties that make up the country’s political landscape.

The 513 deputies are elected for four years, a mandate which coincides with that of the Head of State. Senators are elected for eight years, a third of them start their mandate this Wednesday.

Lula attentive to Congress

The role of the presidents of the two chambers is very important, since it is they who determine the agenda. That of the Chamber of Deputies is the third character in the country, after the president and the vice-president.

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Arthur Lira, 53, is a figure of the “Centrao”, nebula of centrist parties which have been the rain and the good weather in parliament for decades, all overlooking the government in place, in Monitor their support against important positions.

m. LIRA was a close ally of Jair Bolsonaro, refusing to submit to the vote of the Chamber of Dens of Deputy Standing Requests for the ex-president of the far right. But he was one of the first authorities to recognize the election of Lula in late October 2022, and he said during a recent interview with Globonews to have a “serene” relationship with the left president.

“We have no power over the congress, we depend on the congress,” said the 77 -year -old head of state in early January, assuring that he wanted to maintain good relations with parliamentarians, as in its first two mandates (2003-2010).

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