JOYSAD, rapely rapper of genre shots

Originally from Périgueux, the singer advocates tolerance and self -criticism. He is on tour to defend his second album, “Transparent”.

by Stéphanie Binet

Long curly hair, a little Mustache like Artagnan, Joyysad likes to unzip rapps shots and nothing amuses him more than not to look like a rapper. Author of two albums, Espace Time (2021) and Transparent, published in December 2022, the MC of Périgueux, which goes on tour throughout France from this end of January until July, does not wear wide pants or slim, Nor a bling-bling watch on the wrist, and admits it without detour: “I did not go far from finishing reggae guitarist wearing a sarouel, he jokes in the Parisian premises of his record company. younger, I even played with didgeridoo. “

In his region, it was reggae which had rather the favors of the public, that scheduled each summer at local festivals, from Fest’in to Ribérac at reggae Sunska Festival in the neighboring medoc.

Nathan Fernandez, 22, nevertheless developed a very young passion for rap, nourished by the playlists offered to him by his stepfather, “an encyclopedia on the subject”, he admits. He discovers the best feathers of the genre, IAM, Oxmo Puccino, Lunatic … At 10 years old, he already chooses the pseudonym “joyysad” to sign his first texts and immerse himself in the albums of those who bring up to date the rap of 1990s, Nekfeu, 1995 or S-Crew.

But, very quickly, the youngest of a family recomposed by four children is critical with their Parisian or Marseille colleagues. In several songs from his second album, transparent, notably the rope or as a rocker, he admits without detour: “I do not like rappers, their codes, and those who make playback on stage.” He explains: “I Am a big fan of rock rock. What I like is the performance aspect, a little punk, and it is lost with rap, which tends to offer a lot of scenography behind the artist, but less Music on stage. I’m not like that. I like to show that I can do it, that I have breath. “

” I know where I come from “

On the disc side, he criticizes the emptiness of certain texts: “Today, rap is trends, and often I have the impression that some rappers choose a theme and fill up. They do not go At the end of their ideas. “

Hard with his colleagues, JOYSAD also does his self -criticism and admits having trouble listening to one of the flagship titles of his last disc, Eh Petit, where he sermns a college student and recruit: “You barely crunched the life you In the already disgusted “:” I am only 22 years old, he recalls. And I feel like I am taking a place that is not mine. I don’t have 40 either. Anyway, I failed. When I consult the statistics of this song on the streaming platforms, I have no young people below 20 years that listens to my piece. “

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