Aldebert: “I see my children looking up in heaven when I make jokes”

“Parents life”. In this section, a personality evokes the joys and setbacks of his daily life with children. The 49-year-old singer-songwriter, on tour with his “childishness”, believes that he still has not left childhood.

Interview by Magali Cartigny

In fifteen years, the singer-songwriter Guillaume Aldebert, animator in a leisure center in another life, conquered the playgrounds and put the revolution in the satchels. The four childish albums, the latest installment of which was released in August 2021, passed nearly 800,000 copies. Discs with chiseled texts that make up an opulent universe, where all the themes are discussed; Small joys and misfortunes of everyday life (the start of the school year, mythos, love at first sight, questions, fear of black …) but also homoparentality, ecology, addiction to screens or hyperactivity. Albums also enamelled with unpublished meetings and duets with the cream of French song: Alain Souchon, Louis Chedid, Calogero, Les Ogres de Barback but also Arthur Teboul (late! Chatterton), Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil), Jeanne Cherhal, Oxmo Puccino, and Youssou N’Dour.

This metal fan, who, approaching the fifties, has kept a shy and mischievous look of kid, continues his Zenith tour with around thirty dates throughout France, until May. Aldebert claims not to write “really children’s songs, but on childhood, which are also aimed at parents”. And pays tribute to his own “little” – Charlie (9 years old), Gabin (7 years old) and Lison (4 years old): “They are the ones who give me all my ideas today.”

The first time you felt father?

The day my wife told me that she was pregnant. During pregnancy, I was already dad.

Have you ever cried in front of your children?

Yes often, laughing, emotion. I felt a little stupid once compared to them. I show them the films I discovered at their age. When I took them to see Star Wars, the credits start with the letters that go to the escape point, I caught the hand of my two boys, and I cracked. When you become a parent, you go into skin flower mode. We cry for nothing. But it is rather a good thing to be more sensitive.

the worst thing you have said or made to your children?

Not long ago, I did bullshit. You should know that in my office, it is the small store of horrors. I built myself with terror films, Freddy, Michael Myers [from the Halloween film series], the exorcist, etc. Suddenly, they know the characters but have never seen the films. Gabin, 6 years old at the time, absolutely wanted to see the teaser of the film It [that, in French, taken from the novel by Stephen King published in 1986], with this completely terrifying children’s killer clown. My son drunk so much that I gave in. He jumped terror when he saw this famous scene where this monster comes out of the sewer mouth. In the evening, it was madness, he was afraid, could no longer sleep. My wife rots me. It was not a good idea.

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