At end of 80th PS Congress, Olivier Faure is delighted to have been able to exceed “overnlay disagreements”

After several days of crisis, Olivier Faure was confirmed first secretary of the party, while his opponent Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol has become first delegated secretary.


re-elected in pain after several days of crisis, the first secretary of the Socialist Party (PS) Olivier Faure welcomed, Sunday January 29, to have been able, with his rival Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, to go beyond “the words Wounding and overplayed disagreements “.

In his closing speech of 80 e congress of the PS in Marseille, Olivier Faure recognized, thanking his opponent, that “to find himself was not necessarily obvious”, after several days Tensions related to the disputed results of the ballot to designate the party leader.

“There have been hurtful words, overplayed disagreements, and a last week when many activists felt insulted, not respected, he said. But you and I made a choice . That of going beyond these moments and do together rather than each other “.

The first secretary praised “the spirit of responsibility” of the elected Norman, who agreed to become the first deputy secretary of the party, alongside the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, a close friend of Olivier Faure. “You and I are going to do better. From tomorrow, let’s bring a clear demonstration,” he launched.

“Our unwavering belonging to the left”

Olivier Faure quipped on this congress:

“With us everything is discussed. This is what makes our singularity, perhaps even our charm. We can spend days debating an orientation. And then spend nights to pick up the broken dishes.”

Returning to the Nuts, the main stumbling block with its rival, more skeptical about this alliance knotted with LFI, the PCF and EELV, he stressed that “for the first time in five years, the French have been we locate with certainty “. “We have affirmed our unwavering belonging to the left,” insisted the first secretary.

He regretted since 2017 since 2017, “the loss of a bond of trust difficult to withdraw” with the French, with “the election of Emmanuel Macron and the appearance alongside his former socialists”. The message was therefore “blurred”, according to him: “” Who is a socialist? A aspiring minister in the waiting room, a traitor in the making. “That’s what many of our fellow citizens have thought.”

believing that “we don’t build anything to proclaim the irreconcilable lefts”, Olivier Faure said he wanted to carry with socialist activists “the assertion of what we are at the heart of the left”.

In a tackle to those who find him “submissive” to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and LFI, he cracked: “In this congress I have often heard of submission. Do not fear to submit to you only to powerful!” “It is by winning the PS that we can win the left,” he said.

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