Researchers have discovered ways to improve storage time of quantum information

International team of scientists showed substantial progress in ensuring the preservation of quantum connectedness of spin quantum cubes, as part of a global initiative to develop practical quantum networks and quantum computers.

We are talking about building blocks for quantum networks, which allow you to convert stationary quantum information into light. Optically active semiconductor quantum points is the most effective spin -photo interface, which is currently known, but to keep quantum information for several microseconds was a difficult task. However, now the researchers have shown that there is a simple solution in the form of material that improves the storage of quantum information for hundreds of microseconds.

“quantum points” are crystalline structures consisting of thousands of atoms. The core of each atom has a magnetic dipole of the moment, which is associated with an electron quantum point and can lead to a loss of quantum information stored in an electronic cub. In a study published in the journal NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, it was found that in devices built from semiconductor materials with the same lattice parameter, the nuclei “feel” the same environment and behave in a single rhythm. As a result, now you can filter this nuclear noise and achieve an improvement in storage time by almost double.

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