Dolphins stranded on Atlantic coast: fifteen deputies press government to act

The fifteen elected officials – EELV, LFI, Renaissance, Horizons, Liot, PS, MoDem – claim the suspension for a month of non -selective fishing techniques.


Following the discovery of several hundred dolphins stranded in recent weeks on the Atlantic coast, fifteen deputies of all political stripes are asking on Sunday January 29 to act by prohibiting for one month fishing techniques no selective.

“The government has decided to document the phenomenon and push dolphins out of fishing areas using acoustic repellents”, recall the deputies in A platform published in the Sunday Journal . But “the massacre continues, you have to go further”.

“A winter suspension of non -selective fishing techniques in the most sensitive areas remains the only option to effectively protect dolphins” write these elected officials led by the ecologist Nicolas Thierry (EELV, Gironde) – Three Europe Ecology -les Greens (EELV), three La France Insoumise (LFI), three Renaissance, two horizons, two freedoms and territories (Liot), a Democratic Movement (Modem) and a Socialist Party (PS).

“a more efficient action “

The Bird Protection League (LPO) called on Wednesday at least one month of certain fishing practices suspected of having caused the death of animals. According to the LPO, “more than 300 corpses of small cetaceans, the vast majority of common dolphins protected by law, have been discovered on the French coasts, more particularly in Vendée and Charente-Maritime” since December 2022.

In Finistère, 27 have already been identified, 36 in Morbihan, 122 in Vendée, 53 in Charente-Maritime, 19 in Gironde … Scientists from the Pelagis Observatory (University of La Rochelle-CNRS), who have Examined these animals and have autopsied some, note that “the majority presented traces of capture in a fishing machine”. They consider to be “intense” and “particularly early” the mortality observed, because, so far, peaks generally occur in February.

“We join our voices to those of scientists and NGOs to request a more effective action in the face of the current massacre on our coasts”, write the fifteen parliamentarians.

“We ask the government to interrupt non -selective fishing techniques in the risk areas of the Atlantic facade. This interruption must be accompanied by compensation for the fishermen concerned to fill the shortfall. Some some. Some of them are already favorable. “

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